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Tieto fotky dokazujú, že váha je len číslo. Uhádnete, koľko kíl je medzi nimi rozdiel?

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Fitness blogerka Kelsey Wells apeluje na svojich fanúšikov, aby prestali sledovať číslo na váhe a namiesto toho sa sústredili na to, ako vyzerá ich telo. Čo poviete na túto fotku?

26-ročná Kelsey radí ľuďom, aby sa prestali sústrediť na číslo na váhe. Sama im totiž dokázala, že váha je skutočne len číslo, ktoré o vzhľade tela napovie len málo.

Hey babes!? Today for #transformationtuesday I wanted show you my #bbgprogress from when I started until now. As I've mentioned before, I didn't take "proper" progress pics after my 2nd and 3rd rounds. I had NO intention of ever sharing this journey with anyone (ESP publicly?), and honestly felt during that time I wasn't making much physical progress. However, I dug through my old iPhone and was able to find some swimsuit selfies?? from wks 24 and 36 (apprx) to help you see! For reference, the top left photo I was 37 weeks pregnant, and the top middle photo was about 8 wks post-partum. I was exclusively nursing my son until my 3rd round. || My favorite part of looking at this little collage is the change in my face between the starting pic and round 1. Both were in poor lighting in our basement apartment- both photos I was going on no sleep, with no makeup, hair full of spit-up. But in that round 1 finish photo, I AM SO HAPPY. I had accomplished something I honestly didn't think I could. I had worked hard and made a lot of sacrifices and I was proud. It's interesting for me to think how I didn't feel I was making very much physical progress much of this journey. I couldn't see physical changes in myself much of the time, yet I still continued with @kayla_itsines #bbg , because physical progress isn't everything. In that round 1 photo I was happy not because I finally had my quick fix dream bod that I set out to get in 12 weeks, but because I had discovered the INCREDIBLE benefits of setting goals, taking care of my body and living a healthy life. I began to gain much needed confidence- something that is INTERNAL. Something that, unlike society tells us, you cannot find from looking any certain way or getting compliments. It comes from believing in yourself and loving yourself NOW while working towards your goals in a healthy way. I'm so thankful to @kayla_itsines for providing a program that gives you all the tools you need to begin your fitness journey and promotes #selflove and empowering each other along the way.❤️ #transformation #throwbacktuesday #beforeandafter #fitmom #fitchick #fitness #fitnesstransformation #workout #fitfam #bbgmoms #bbgmums #bbgfam

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Kelsey meria 170 centimetrov a 8 týždňov po pôrode vážila 65 kíl. Potom schudla na 55 kilogramov a na poslednej fotke váži 63,5 kilogramu. Verili by ste tomu?

Medzi prvou a treťou fotkou je rozdiel dva kilogramy a čo sa týka času, tak rozdiel medzi nimi je dva roky. Kelsey totiž stavila na pomalý, no istý postup.

SCREW THE SCALE || I figured it was time for a friendly, yet firm reminder.? YOU GUYS. PLEASEEEEEE STOP GETTING HUNG UP ON THE NUMBER ON THE STUPUD SCALE! PLEASE STOP THINKING YOUR WEIGHT EQUALS YOUR PROGRESS AND FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING PLEASE STOP LETTING YOR WEIGHT HAVE ANY AFFECT WHATSOEVER ON YOUR SELF ESTEEM, like I used to. To any of you who are where I once was, please listen to me. I am 5' 7" and weigh 140 lbs. When I first started #bbg I was 8 weeks post partum and 145 lbs. I weighed 130 before getting pregnant, so based on nothing besides my own warped perception, I decided my "goal weight" should be 122 and to fit into my skinniest jeans. Well after a few months of BBG and breastfeeding, I HIT IT and I fit into those size 0 jeans. Well guess what? I HAVE GAINED 18 POUNDS SINCE THEN. EIGHT FREAKING TEEN. Also, I have gone up two pant sizes and as a matter of fact I ripped those skinny jeans wide open just the other week trying to pull them up over my knees.? My point?? According to my old self and flawed standards, I would be failing miserably. THANK GOODNESS I finally learned to start measuring my progress by things that matter — strength, ability, endurance, health, and HAPPINESS. Take progress photos and videos. Record how many push-ups you can do, ect. And if you can, your BFP — there is only a 5 lb difference between my starting and current weight, but my body composition has changed COMPLETELY. I have never had more muscle and less body fat than I do now. I have never been healthier than I am now. I have never been more comfortable in my own skin than I am now. And if I didn't say #screwthescale long ago, I would have gave up on my journey. So to the little teeny tiny voice in the back of my head that still said "?wtf is this- not 140!???" last week when I stepped on the scale, I say SCREW. YOU. And I think you should probably say the same to your scale too. #byefelicia ???⚖ . . #bbgprogress #transformationtuesday #fit #fitness #workout #fitmom #fitchick #fitfam #fitnesstransformation #beforeandafter #sweat #mysweatlife #girlswithmuscle #girlgains #strongnotskinny

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Možno to už viete, že tuk je ľahší ako svaly, a tak je úplne normálne, že keď Kelsey nabrala svalovú hmotu, nabrala aj na váhe.

"DO YOU REALLY ONLY DO BBG??" I blogged about this awhile back, but since it has come up a lot recently I put the direct link to the post in my profile for all who have asked!? || I have been doing @kayla_itsines #bbg program (cause it's bae????) for over 80 weeks now, however I wanted to post this old transformation photo to remind you that it doesn't take 80 weeks to see change. Don't get me wrong, REAL physical progress is slow and steady, and different for everyone. I don't want you to compare your progress to mine, but rather encourage those just starting out to stick with it. I always emphasize that healthy living and happiness should be the main goal and priority, but I also don't want anyone to feel discouraged or feel that physical progress is impossible. If you are doing the program and eating clean, progress IS happening, even though you can't see it day to day. So chin up! Keep slaying! You got this.???? || On a completely different note, I ate two donuts today.? It's holiday weekend for us and food is like my fave way to celebrate. Find your balance and enjoy life!!??? . . . . . . #fitness #fitfam #fitchick #fitnesstransformation #workout #fitmom #fitspo #bbgbabes #bbgprogress #bbggirls #bbgsisters #bbgfam #bbgmums #bbgmoms #bbgfam

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Váha jej začala rásť po tom, čo začala cvičiť BBG program (Bikini Body Guide, pozn. red.). Cvičenie strieda aeróbne cviky s cvikmi na výdrž no a po roku takmer dvoch rokoch sa dopracovala k takejto úžasnej figúre.

I don't remember exactly when the left photo was taken, but I do remember how I felt. THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH MY BODY. But my mindset was completely flawed. Instead of looking in the mirror with appreciation and seeing the beauty in what my body had just done for me, I looked at myself with disgust and saw only "flaws". I didn't recognize myself and to be honest, that scared me. I am not proud to admit that, but it's true. Shortly after that photo was taken I came across @kayla_itsines account, and (after multiple failed attempts) finally began my BBG journey. I hoped it would be a quick fix to getting back into my pre-baby jeans and being "skinny" again. My first week, I could not do a single leg raise or push-up. I LOATHED working out. But I struggled along and did the best I could. I soon started noticing a drastic change. NOT yet a physical one, but a mental and emotional one. My anxiety calmed down. My self talk began to not be so harsh. I did a push-up, then I did two. I began to feel stronger and with that strength came a kind of self-confidence I had lost for a very long time. In the beginning, I literally could not imagine completing 12 whole weeks of #bbg. 80 weeks later, I can not imagine ever stopping. I began the program to weigh 120 pounds and be thin. Now I weigh 136 and I am strong. I began the program to "get fit quick" and along the way truly discovered and embraced a healthy LIFESTYLE. I have worked hard for my physical progress, and I am proud of that. But it is the progress you can't see that I am most proud of. When I began taking care of my body by living a healthy life, I began believing it was WORTH being taken care of. So no matter your setbacks or how far you think you are from your goals, START TODAY. #getoutandsweat and do it because you deserve it.? . . . . #bbgprogress #tbt #throwbackthursday #bbgbabes #bbgmoms #bbgmums #bbggirls #bbgsisters #bbgfam #bbgcommunity #fit #fitness #fitfam #fitchick #fitmom #fitlife #workout #girlswithmuscle

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Spočiatku sa pri vážení zľakla a bola nešťastná z toho, že číslo na váhe ukazovalo viac ako predtým, ako začala cvičiť. Pri pohľade do zrkadla si však uvedomila, že je na správnej ceste a vážiť sa prestala.

HELLOOOO LOVELIES!!?? it's #friday and I'm feeling good.? The babe is down, I just picked up @chipotlemexicangrill , and am about to snuggle up with my man for some Netflix.?? We sure know how to party!? Really though this is just what I need and I wouldn't have it any other way. What are y'all up to this weekend!? More importantly DID YOU GET YOUR SWEAT IN!? If not, it's not too late.? Today was #bbg week 35 #abs for me and it was killer as per usual haha. I swear this program never gets easier!! The longer you do it, the stronger you get and the more you can push yourself.?? That @kayla_itsines is a genius.❤️?? || OH! Before I forget, a ton of you have asked how to access BBG 3, which is weeks 25-36. It's in the app! Once you complete week 24 it automatically moves you on.☺️ Also, for those who asked about the details of this suit in the last post (don't forget to enter the giveaway btw!!) the details are tagged in this photo.??? LOVE YOU ALL!?? . . . . . . #bbg #sweatwithkayla #mysweatlife #bbgsisters #bbgmoms #bbgmums #bbgfam #bbgbabes #bbggirls #bbgcommunity #swim #modestswimwear #trainlikeanangel #fit #fitfam #fitmom #fitspo #fitness #fitlife #fitchick #girlswithmuscle #workout #getoutandsweat

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