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Matka natočila úprimné video, ktorým ukazuje, prečo bývajú rodičia ráno unavení

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„Rodičovstvo nekončí, keď zapadne slnko“, znie výrok známej mamičky troch detí Melanie Darnell z Los Angeles. Pozrite sa, aké video najnovšie natočila. 

Melanie si získala množstvo fanúšikov tým, že prezentuje na sociálnej sieti svoj životný štýl. Ako byť dobrou mamou a zároveň zostať fit. Momentálne má na Instagrame viac ako 90-tisíc followerov a stále ich počet pribúda. Najnovšie kvôli jej úprimnému videu, ktoré sama natočila.

This is my 32… {envision a time machine taking you all the way back to Jan 10, 1986} Ok here we go… . 1986 – Born and raised in Delaware. Oldest of 3 girls (where my first sate peeps at!) 2007 – Transitioned to vegetarian 2008 – Hokie (VT) graduate with a degree in Political Science and Accounting 2008 – Took my first job in Washington DC (performing financial audits for Congress) and lived their for 3 years 2011 – Moved to LA to be closer to my stunt man (and was able to transfer with my job) 2012 – Married the love of my life @diddydarnell 2013 – Started my Fitmomma IG documenting my fit pregnancy (some of you have been with me since I was fitmomma2be ?) 2014 – Bought our first house 2014 – Transitioned to veganism (20 weeks pregnant with my first) 2014 – My first child was born (Mr. Sage) 2015 – Moved to our 2nd house (the one we live in now) 2015 – My second baby was born (baby girl Olive) 2017 – My third and final baby joined our life (Mr. Milo) 2017 – Started my own business!! ? I help people seamlessly transition to a vegan lifestyle and feel confident they are meeting all of the nutritional needs of their family through a whole food vegan diet! ??? (While it’s growing it still remains my main side hustle while I continue to perform financial audits full time) 2018 – 1/10/18 Happy 32nd Birthday to me! . That’s a quick and dirty timeline recap of the most important chapters of my life. However, in between those big milestones is where my life has truly been shaped. ❤️ There has been countless laughs and smiles accompanied by tears here and there. Some world travels, some crazy party nights, a heartbreak or two, and in between it all I have somehow accumulated some of the best friends a girl could ask for. While all these numbers over the age of 30 are still weird for me to wrap my head around I am excited to see what these ‘mature’ years of life will bring. . #birthdaygirl #capricorn #januarybday #momof3 #veganmom #momlife #thehappynow #heretocreate #mindfulness #plantlife #hokie #virginiatech #youngatheart #onebigkid

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Po tom, ako sa Melanie desať mesiacov poriadne nevyspala, spravila experiment. Na strop vo svojej spálni prilepila kameru a natočila svoju bežnú noc. Zverejnila toto video na internete a získala si množstvo pozitívnych reakcií.

Transformation Tuesday… can you believe these photos are less than a year apart?!? These years of babies, sleepless nights, defiant toddlers, endless hugs and ‘pick up me’ go by so quickly and if we aren’t careful we can truly miss it. I want to discuss mindfulness and how I’m consciously bringing that into my day. Frequently, I catch myself operating on autopilot moving through the motions with the next task in mind. Sometimes I go to bed without being able to recall what the kids were dressed in during the day. . After hearing ‘mindfulness’ talked about on the @liveplanted podcast and then as the universe would have it seeing it front and center everywhere (seriously title of lead article in magazine during grocery checkout.. ‘how to be more mindful’) got me thinking about it and wanting me to make a daily habit of it. ☀️ For me I am able to initiate mindfulness when I step outside. I stop even just for 2 seconds and register what the sun or crisp air feels on my skin, the sounds I hear, the smells in the air. Seriously, stepping outside resets something in me, it allows me a few seconds to be ? in the present. Then I move on, grab the mail, walk to my car, head to the park, work, etc. But those moments create a spiral, having that one conscience moment of ‘mindfulness’ makes me more present throughout my day. And on those day I can tell you in detail what my kids wore ???. I am appreciating those moments because looking at these 2 pictures only 11 months apart, to see and know how much the kids have grown and changed in such a small time period… I want to be present… I don’t this time to go by like the car ride to work ‘wait how did I get here’ ??‍♀️ I want to remember their favorite outfits, the frustrating parts of the day, and the extra hugs. Because oh too soon they will be very different people. . #mindfulness #transformationtuesday #postpartum @postpartum @mother.ly #pieparenting #gentleparenting #positiveparenting #attachmentparenting #mombloggers #happymommy #mommylife #lovebaby #mommylovesyou #mommysbaby #motherandbaby #instamama #mamasbaby #motherson #ig_motherhood #mommyhood #littlefamily #mumlife #familytime #childcareprovider #mum #parents

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Toto video zobrazuje skutočnú realitu rodičovstva. Ak nás naše dieťa naozaj potrebuje, jednoducho nemáme na výber a venujeme sa mu, hoci aj v noci. A to je dôvod, prečo sú rodičia veľmi často ráno unavení.

Jej 10-mesačné dieťa sotva niečo prespalo v tú noc, a okrem neho potrebovala pozornosť aj 2-ročná dcérka, ktorá mala práve infekciu uší. Takže nie je prekvapením, že Melanie bola ráno unavená.

What vegan looks like… ? the beautiful thing about this lifestyle is that vegan has no one look or feel. Anyone can do! I am a firm believer that you have to find this lifestyle for yourself and it cannot be forced onto anyone. But what is beautiful, is that this lifestyle is more accessible now than it’s ever been before! It’s seriously so cool! My plant based journey began 10 years ago motivated by a desire to reduce my carbon footprint and feed more people on this planet ? it has evolved through continual education, a strive to lead a healthy life and also save a life ?. For me at this point, a decade later and 4 years deep into veganism, it’s about choosing the kinder option ❤️. If you can meet all of your nutritional needs and continue to enjoy yummy food all while not causing any animal to suffer, improving your own health and reducing your carbon footprint on the plant why wouldn’t you try it?? ? Just a little food for thought. ? we had fun at the Super Vegan Sunday at @smorgasburgla #smorgasburg #raisevegan #iloveveggies #veganparenting #momof3 #hugatree #vegankids #plantlife #veganpower #sharethelove #choosekind #inspire

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Veľa rodičov, predovšetkým mamičiek, ocenilo toto úprimné video. Melanie tvrdí, že jej cieľom bolo upokojiť tisícky mamičiek po celom svete, že nie sú v tom samé a túto situáciu rieši mnoho z nás.

Pozrite si video, ktoré natočila Melanie: 




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